Majority of Americans are Blaming Biden for Inflation

The majority of Americans are blaming President Joe Biden for the country’s record levels of inflation. According to a Senate Opportunity Fund poll, most Americans don’t believe the Democratic Party is upholding their interests. 

In total, 71% of Americans believe the country is on the “wrong track” and 50% “dislike” the Biden regime. 

Furthermore, 56% oppose Biden’s policies and 58% blame Biden for facilitating the record-high inflation in America. 23% blame Republicans for the country’s current inflationary problems. 

In addition, 70% believe that the Biden regime and Democrats are “more interested in advancing their progressive agenda than focusing on solving issues that matter to everyday Americans like rising food and gas prices.”

Those surveyed were also questioned about the Democratic Party and Republican Party. 55% believe that the Democratic Party is not working for them. Only 36% say the party represents their interests.  

48% said the Republican Party is not fighting for them, while 40% believe it is fighting for them.  

With gas and grocery prices still high, Democrats find themselves in a tough spot. It doesn’t help that the party controlling the White House generally experiences losses during midterms.

Overall, things don’t look so hot for Democrats. Republicans will obviously do well in the 2022 midterms given these circumstances. The question is will these Republicans coasting into office be neocons or legitimate America First populists?

That remains to be seen.

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