Majority of Mexicans Want Central American Illegal Immigrants Deported from Their Country

A new Washington Post poll has revealed widespread opposition to illegal immigration- not from American citizens, but from the people of Mexico.

Mexico has become host to massive ‘caravans’ of illegal immigrants in recent years, traveling north from Central America hoping to reach the United States. The people of Mexico seem less than thrilled with this development, as the shockingly massive migrant caravans have created significant pressure on the country’s infrastructure and social welfare system.

The Mayor of Tijuana, Mexico, asked his country’s federal authorities to begin swift deportation operations in order to remove troublesome caravan migrants from his city. The new polling indicates that many of his fellow citizens agree with such an approach.

The Washington Post’s poll of roughly 1,200 Mexicans asked “What should Mexico do with the migrants from Central America that cross through the country trying to reach the United States? Give them residency in Mexico, give them temporary residency while the United States decides if it will accept them or not, or deport them to their countries of origin?”

A whopping 55% of Mexican survey takers stated that the Central American illegal immigrants should be flatly deported. 33% said that Mexico should provide temporary residence while they waited to resolve their court cases in the American asylum system. 7% stated they’d like the caravan migrants to stay in Mexico.

The Washington Post’s survey shows the people of Mexico desire sovereignty for their own country in a comparable fashion to citizens of the United States, who voted President Donald Trump into office with the hopes of finally securing the border, building a ‘big, beautiful’ wall, and ending illegal immigration.

It’s more than possible that receiving a taste of the societal problems that accompany illegal immigration has motivated the government of Mexico to work with the United States to deter mass migration from Central America. The Mexican government has already pledged to cooperate with the United States to prevent the caravans from barraging through their country, hoping to get lucky with America’s porous immigration and asylum system.

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