Man Ensnared in Bogus Kidnapping Plot of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Runs for County Sheriff

Eric Molitor, a patriot ensnared in the bogus kidnapping plot of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer back in 2020 who was found innocent in the court of law, is now running for County Sheriff.

Molitor confirmed to the Detroit News that he filed to run for Wexford County Sheriff, challenging incumbent Sheriff Trent Taylor in the primary election. Molitor is running on the platform of nullifying unconstitutional laws, such as red flag gun control, which he states will not be enforced if he is elected Sheriff.

“It’s going behind someone’s back to take their possessions,” Molitor said of red flag laws. His opponent, Taylor, has vowed to enforce them, fearing a contempt of court charge if he defended the 2nd Amendment.

Big League Politics has reported on how Molitor and two other patriots were found not guilty last year after being set up as patsies in a federal plot to demonize the patriot movement, the 2nd Amendment, and bias the public against President Trump in an election year:

Three men – William Null, his twin brother Michael Null and Eric Molitor – have been found not guilty after being ensnared in the false kidnapping plot of Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer by federal provocateurs.

“You gentlemen are free to leave,” Judge Charles Hamlyn said after the not guilty verdicts were announced.

The jury obviously sympathized with the men whose lives were ruined as part of this scheme hatched by the FBI to frame political opposition of the Democrats as terror threats. One juror approached Molitor after the proceedings concluded and “said he was very sorry for all he had gone through” before shaking his hand and giving him a hug.

Unfortunately, two of the other men, Adam Fox and Barry Croft Jr., were found guilty despite the federal role in conjuring the entire bogus sham. So justice was ultimately not served in all of these cases…

The feds gave the so-called mastermind of the plot, Adam Fox, the nickname of “Captain Autism” as they set up the fake kidnapping, laughing at him the entire time as they set up the entrapment scheme, documents have shown.

“No one would have conspired with Adam Fox because no one believed he had any ability to form, much less carry out, a plan,” the defense claims, submitting their arguments in a new court filing.

The defense is requesting for the court to admit 258 statements made by FBI agents and their assets that they believe prove that the feds led the phony plot from its inception all the way until the conveniently-timed sting right before the election in Oct. 2020.

“We have a saying in my office. Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story,” one agent said during a Dec. 2020 conversation referencing the fake kidnapping plot.”

Molitor running as a constitutional sheriff will open more people’s eyes to the false nature of the Whitmer kidnapping hoax and how the deep state is at war with patriotic Americans.

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