Man is Reportedly Kicked Off Flight for Wearing ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Mask, Official Claims the Phrase Violates FAA Regulations

A man who was reportedly wearing a mask with “Let’s Go Brandon” written on it was removed from a plane by an official claiming the mask violated Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations.

This incident was caught on video in which an Allegiant Airlines stewardess and an airport thug confronted the man while he was sitting down in his seat and told him he could not wear his mask and that someone had complained about it.

“But I’m allowed to express anything I want on here,” the man said.

“So I’m going to ask you to put on a different mask or get off the plane,” the thug responded.

“So isn’t that a violation of my rights?” the man asked.

“This is an FAA regulation,” the thug responded before ushering the man off the plane for refusing to comply. She also claimed that she refused to give him “permission” to film her but another nearby passenger filmed the entire disgraceful incident.

The video can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on how airports nationwide have and continue to enforce senseless mask mandates even as national COVID-19 fears wane:

In a continued exercise of what seems to be never-ending tyranny and arguably unconstitutional violations of human rights, the Joe Biden administration will continue to force Americans to wear masks on airplanes, trains, buses, airports, and train stations through mid-March at the very least, sources told Reuters.

Sources told Reuters that a formal announcement extending the compulsory measures through at least March 18th is expected on Thursday. The White House and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) reportedly declined to comment. TSA previously had extended their forced masking order in August to run through January 18th.

The news comes as a surprise to almost nobody given the continued shifting of goalposts and seemingly never-ending Covid-19 related restrictions that have disrupted American lives throughout the pandemic.

Other recent news related to the constitutional rights of Americans as it pertains to pandemic restrictions include Biden’s forced inoculation mandate being blocked (at least temporarily) by a federal judge in all 50 states.

The regime’s enforcers, such as this airport thug, are the modern equivalent of the Nazi Gestapo, Soviet NKVD or the German Stasi. They must be put to justice, swiftly and publicly, for America to be great again.

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