Man Kicked Out Of New York Bar For Wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ Hat

Man Kicked Out Of Bar For MAGA Hat

A supporter of President Donald J. Trump posted a video to Facebook showing the bartender and bouncer of Jake’s Dilemma in New York City telling him he is being kicked out of the bar for refusing to remove his red ‘Make America Great Again’ hat.

After he was asked to remove the hat or be refused service, video shows the bartender repeatedly grab at Dion Cini’s cell phone and hat repeatedly before declaring that he would have to leave the bar for refusing to remove the pro-Trump fashion item.

Eventually, a security guard joined the scene and reaffirmed that Cini was being kicked out of the bar for wearing the hat.

Once he began recording, the security guard and bartender both became reticent to admit he was being kicked out for wearing the hat, but eventually admitted that he did nothing wrong.

They elaborated that he was asked to remove the hat or be refused service, and when he declined to remove his hat, they chose to kick him out of the bar.

“He said he will no longer serve you until you take your [Trump] hat off,” said the security guard, “You refused, so we said you have to leave.”

Cini says this is far from the first time he has faced criticism for wearing the pro-Trump hat in New York, but still seemed baffled that the bar would go as far as turning down a long time customer for supporting the President of the United States.

A similar event happened in April of last year, when a man was kicked out of The Happiest Hour bar in New York for wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat, suggesting this may be an escalating issue within the liberal stronghold.

Many will remember last week when a woman who assaulted a MAGA-hat wearing man was assaulted by a woman who turned out to be an illegal immigrant and was detained by ICE after the altercation went viral.

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