Man Who Assaulted Female Pro-Life Activist Has History of Similar Violence

The man who roundhouse kicked a female pro-life activist Sunday has physically assaulted a pro-life woman in the past, according to a video that surfaced Thursday.

“When the video was first released, many of my colleagues at the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform noted that Hunt looked very familiar,” said an editorial in Life Site, who originally reported the Sunday assault. “When they reviewed footage of an assault on one of our young female interns earlier this summer during a pro-life demonstration in Toronto, we discovered why: Jordan Hunt was the attacker. It turns out that his assault earlier this week is not the first time he has attacked a pro-life female for expressing her views in public.”

In the earlier incident, Hunt jumped on a female pro-life activist, nearly pushing her into the path of a moving truck.

“Several witnesses, as well as the female intern who was attacked by Hunt, have confirmed his identity and the police have been notified. The video below shows both the assault, as well as a verbal confrontation with another pro-life intern afterwards:”


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