ManBearPig Strikes Again: Al Gore Calls British Politicians “Cowards” for not Stopping Brexit

Al Gore called British politicians “cowards” for failing to carry out a second referendum regarding the country’s exit from the European Union.

At a Climate Change Leadership event in Portugal, the former vice president pointed out how one of the most powerful images used by pro-Brexit activists was one that illustrated an endless line of refugees, thus painting the EU as a failure.

Gore chastised British politicians for not initiating a second referendum, because he believed that the first referendum was sullied by misleading statements and falsehoods. In Gore’s view, the British are growing “tired of this insanity” surrounding Brexit.

Gore, however, conceded that the United State has “enough problems” with its own president, Donald Trump.

Like many leftists, Gore is still bitter about the results of the 2016 elections. Indeed, Trump hasn’t fully delivered on many of his key issues, but there is no question that politicians aligned with Gore’s agenda would have the U.S.’s march towards globalism put on hyperdrive.

The former vice president can dismiss Brexit all he wants, but the British people still made the right call.

With the EU’s disastrous refugee programs taking a considerable social toll on Britain and the island nation’s increasing subservience to Brussels, British voters became fed up with the globalist status quo.

They took to the ballot box and made their voices heard by opting out of the EU.

Leaving the EU is the first step for Britain to recover its national sovereignty and put itself back on the road to greatness.

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