Many Weeks Later, ANTIFA Terrorists Who Assaulted Journalist Andy Ngo are Still at Large

Journalist Andy Ngo of Quillette was beaten viciously by an ANTIFA mob on June 29, and several weeks later, no justice has been served against his terrorist assailants.

There have been no apprehensions and no updates from left-wing city officials and law enforcement in Portland, OR, who have been widely perceived as giving ANTIFA free reign over the city.

The Wall Street Journal published an op/ed on Sunday drawing attention to the miscarriage of justice that is playing out in Portland, as the rule of law disintegrates within the liberal-run city.

“Mr. Ngo says he sometimes has trouble finishing sentences or remembering common words, and he’s shown symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder,” the op/ed reads. “He’s undergoing neurophysical and speech therapy, including for a cognitive communication deficit.”

Ngo was hit in the head with a milkshake believed by law enforcement to contain quick-drying concrete, which was the likely cause of the trauma inflicted against the journalist by ANTIFA domestic terrorists.

“I have worked with concrete periodically and specifically ‘QUIKRETE,’ which is pre-mixed concrete, specifically many times,” police lieutenant Richard A. Stainbrook wrote in his report about the incident, which was recently made available to the public.

“The substance on the female smelled like ‘QUIKRETE.’ I also noticed as the substance was drying it was turning into a chalky consistency which from my experience is consistent with drying concrete,” Stainbrook added.

Although the city has been threatened with lawsuits by left-wing attorneys over law enforcement’s characterization of the milkshakes, the report makes it clear that concrete was likely thrown at protesters by violent left-wing domestic terrorists.

“I firmly believe these ‘Milk Shakes’ that were being thrown around and on people contained some form of concrete,” Stainbrook wrote. “For situational awareness purposes, I broadcast over my radio that the ‘Milk Shakes’ being thrown around contained Quikrete.”

“Portland has to do something to deter political violence, or the city will get more of it,” the WSJ op/ed states.

But left-wing Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and his hand-picked social justice warrior police chief Danielle Outlaw are offering little other than lip service in terms of solutions for the communist terror menace roaming their streets.

After Ngo was attacked, they felt more concerned with protecting their own authority and prestige than offering solutions to protect public safety.

“I want to use this opportunity to let everyone know: The mayor never gave us direction to stand down on Saturday, ever,” Outlaw said while doing damage control following the incident.

The town will be put to the test next month when right-wing activist Joe Biggs intends to lead a massive uprising of patriots for an “End Domestic Terrorism” rally in Portland against ANTIFA. That rally is scheduled to take place on Aug. 17, and will show definitively if any changes have been made within city law enforcement since Ngo’s beat-down.

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