Marco Rubio Exposed Yet Again for Being an Open Borders Sell Out

The Federation for American Immigration Reform posted on June 26, 2020 about Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s bill that would give stimulus checks to the families of illegal aliens.

“A new GOP bill unveiled by Marco Rubio would give stimulus checks to families with illegal aliens that were left out of the initial wave via @businessinsider @josephzeballos


Business Insider covered this bill which would provide stimulus checks to families with illegal aliens who ended up not receiving checks during the first wave of relief.

Rubio introduced the bill on June 25 that would dole aid to mixed-status families with illegal aliens.

The legislation was co-sponsored by Republican Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina. It would let people who filed tax returns with non-citizen spouses to get $1,200 in stimulus checks. These individuals were prohibited from receiving the cash under the CARES Act which was signed into law in March.

“No American should be denied a federal stimulus check because they are married to a foreign national who is not a U.S. citizen,” Rubio declared in a press release. “Amid a global pandemic, we must ensure Americans are receiving the funds appropriated by the federal government to keep families afloat during this national crisis.”

Almost three months ago, Congress and Trump greenlit direct payments up to $1,200 for every American citizen making below $75,000 annually, or $150,000 for couples, provided that they had a Social Security number.

The Social Security number requirement barred many illegal aliens from receiving aid, which was similar to what happened when the Bush administration signed off on stimulus checks in early 2008.

Approximately 15.4 million people in mixed-status families did not receive stimulus checks, per a report from the Migration Policy Institute. In these estimates, there are 1.2 million American citizens married to illegal aliens included.

However, Rubio’s bill wouldn’t allow people with Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers to receive aid, which excludes many illegal aliens who aren’t in mixed-status families.

Democrats have doubled down in their push for government aid to illegals.

Democrats back further stimulus for Americans, which was reflected in the $3 trillion spending package that they passed in the House in May. In this plan, aid recipients would only need to provide an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, which allows illegal aliens to receive federal cash.

Last month, Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell took Democrats to task for including such measures in their stimulus bill.

“Another round of checks for illegal immigrants. Can you believe it?” the Kentucky Republican declared in a speech on the Senate floor. “We forgot to have the Treasury Department send money to people here illegally. My goodness, what an oversight. Thank goodness Democrats are on the case.”

Once again, Rubio shows his true colors as an open borders booster. The Florida Senator has a long record of being soft on mass migration, especially during his efforts with the Gang of Eight in the Senate to pass amnesty.

No America First patriot should ever trust Rubio.

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