Marilou Danley Arrives At FBI Building In Los Angeles As ISIS Claims Credit For Attack

Suspected Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s companion Marilou Danley is back in the United States to undergo questioning by the FBI.

It was reported that Danley was recently in Dubai, though she arrived at the airport in Los Angeles from the Philippines. Her sisters in Australia claim that she was “sent away” by Paddock prior to the shooting. The Inquisitr reported that her Facebook photos show her in Kuha Sa Jumeira Beach in Dubai. Since mid-September, Danley has also been in Tokyo and Hong Kong.

The Islamic terror group ISIS reportedly gave suspected Las Vegas shooter Eric Paddock an Arab name (the last name means “The American”) while taking credit for his actions through its news agency. Paddock was a gambler, and only two amateur photographs have surfaced of him.

ISIS extensively planned to attack Las Vegas, featuring the Strip in two of its propaganda videos. The media reported four months ago on how the Las Vegas Police Department was taking the threat seriously.

The FBI initially dismissed ISIS’ taking credit for the shooting.

The same exact thing happened to Vegas in July 2016.

The mainstream media scrambles to distance the attack from ISIS, but Newsweek’s 6:05 PM report Monday night made it clear that ISIS gave Paddock a special name and claimed that he converted to Islam several months ago.

Alex Jones is stressing his listeners to remember each piece of Newsweek’s reporting as various MSM outlets try to obfuscate details that have already been reported.

Newsweek reported:

ISIS not only took credit for the attack, it also gave Paddock a rare honor of his own Arab name, Abu Abed al Bir Al-Amriki, while calling him a “soldier of the caliphate” and a “martyr.” While the first few words in the name are more basic Arabic, the last part, Al-Amriki, translates to “the American.” Giving Paddock a name is rare for the terror group and doing so is a sort of honor or distinction that he had perfectly followed God’s plan. The group provided no evidence that it was behind orchestrating the attack or of Paddock’s membership.

Newsweek also quoted an expert stating that ISIS has never before falsely claimed responsibility for a Western terrorist attack”

“If Islamic State’s claims of responsibility for the attack in Las Vegas are false, this would be the first deliberate false claim for an attack in the West issued by the group,” terror analyst and co-founder of Kronos Advisory Michael S. Smith II said in a statement. “Certainly, a false claim would fit with their agenda of doing even the ‘smallest thing’ to terrorize Americans, as IS’s original spokesman Abu Mohamed al-Adnani put it in his 2016 Ramadan address while calling for attacks in Europe and the United States.”

Paddock wired $100,000 to the Philippines the week before his rampage. Paddock’s companion Marilou Danley was in the Phlippines at the time of the shooting, according to most accounts, though some reports also found her recently in Japan. She has returned to the United States to undergo questioning by the FBI, according to The New York Times minutes ago.


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