Marjorie Taylor Greene Lobbies Elon Musk to Restore Alex Jones and Milo to Twitter

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is lobbying for tech mogul Elon Musk to restore controversial right-wing personalities Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos to Twitter now that he has purchased the social media platform.

Greene wants Musk to have a roundtable with unpersoned individuals like Jones and Milo who she believes have something to contribute to the digital public square.

“I don’t know Mr. Musk, but I do invite him to come talk with me in Washington, D.C. I would be happy to put together a roundtable of all the most brilliant people who have been unjustly banned from Twitter and he can see for himself the urgent necessity of doing right by them,” Greene said to reporters during a press conference outside of the U.S. Capitol. “Which we all hope he will as he has stated he believes in free speech”

“We don’t need to be told what we can and can’t say online by nutcases in San Francisco or other places,” she added.

Milo appeared with Greene at the press conference. He was banned in 2016 after staging a troll storm against actress Leslie Jones, who his fans compared to Harambe, the late and beloved Cincinnati zoo gorilla.

“We’ll put together a great list of people who have been just almost deleted from public life due to this type of censorship and I think Elon Musk will enjoy talking to them,” Greene said.

“On my Congressional Twitter account, for all of us here, we’re not allowed to talk about our campaigns or ask for money, say, to defend ourselves in court from political attacks and things like that. So it’s important to me to have my personal Twitter account,” she continued.

“I am cautiously optimistic about the prospects for Twitter now that Elon Musk has taken over,” Greene added.

Big League Politics has reported on Musk already wavering on his commitment free speech under intense pressure by the globalists:

Transhumanist Elon Musk is already backing off his pledge to protect free speech only days after his acquisition of Twitter was announced.

Musk backed off his pledge to protect free speech in a response to a tweet from Daily Wire owner Ben Shapiro, who mocked the Left for their hysterical reaction to Musk’s Twitter takeover. Musk assured Shapiro that he was soon going to anger the Right as well.

“Attacks are coming thick and fast, primarily from the left, which is no surprise, however I should be clear that the right will probably be a little unhappy too,” he wrote.

“My goal is to maximize area under the curve of total human happiness, which means the ~80% of people in the middle,” Musk added, clearly shifting the goalposts from his initial goal of protecting free speech.

Greene is trying to push Musk into doing the right thing. Only time will tell if he has the courage to actually stand for free speech with his power at Twitter.

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