Marjorie Taylor Greene Sponsoring Immigration Moratorium, Wall, Anti-Sanctuary City Legislation

Georgia Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene is sponsoring monumental ‘America First’ immigration legislation, revealing on Thursday that she’s introducing a package to enshrine a series of pro-American immigration reforms into law.

Greene’s Protect America First Act will introduce a four-year immigration moratorium, mandate the construction of President Donald Trump’s ‘big, beautiful’ border wall in federal law, and defund sanctuary cities.

The law represents one of the most comprehensive pro-American immigration reform packages to be proposed in Congress in recent years, repealing executive amnesty provisions, buffing federal immigration enforcement, and reforming the nation’s outdated legal immigration system. Its passage would leave Biden largely unable to pursue an ‘America Last’ policy approach of open borders, unlimited immigration, and amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Immigration hawks have cast doubt on President Biden’s ability to manage the legal immigration system after a series of White House blunders. A four-year pause would enable the US labor markets to recover from the coronavirus, while leaving policy questions pertaining to the visa system up to the next President.

Advocates for American workers have emphasized the need to continue President Trump’s immigration moratorium during a period of recovery from the economic recession from the coronavirus, enabling Americans to resume careers in industries such as construction and the IT field.

While the bill is unlikely to advance in the Democratic-controlled House, it will potentially serve as a useful litmus test of Congressional Republicans, gauging which members of the party support common sense America First immigration reforms overwhelmingly supported by grassroots activists and Republican voters.

While many political commentators- including congressional Republicans eager to betray a member of their own caucus at the behest of Democrats- have focused on a handful of irrelevant off-color comments posted on social media years ago, Greene is largely taking up the mantle of President Trump’s ‘America First’ policy legacy on immigration. It’s expected that America First Arizona Representative Paul Gosar will also emerge as a sponsor of the bill, providing the legislation with momentum in the House Freedom Caucus.

It remains to be seen if other Congressional Republicans will actually embrace the legislation, which contains policy proposals largely supported by Republican voters.

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