Martha McSally’s High School Coach Denies Sex Allegation: ‘I Believe She’s Nuts’

Arizona Republican Senate candidate Rep. Martha McSally is accusing her high school track coach of having a sexual relationship with her that made her feel emotionally victimized.

But the coach says that it’s all a lie, and McSally — who is running against insurgent challenger Kelli Ward in the primary — is a manipulative person.

“I believe she’s nuts. That girl is the most scheming woman I’ve ever met,” stated McSally’s former Rhode Island high school track coach Jack Dwyer, who is the subject of the allegations.

The alleged affair took place three and a half decades ago, in 1984. McSally said that she was seventeen at the time of the alleged tryst, when she was a student at St. Academy-Bay View high school in Rhode Island.

“Even though he didn’t physically force me, it certainly was an emotional manipulation,” McSally told the Wall Street Journal in the hit piece on Dwyer that paints McSally as a MeToo heroine.

“I was freaking out that he would get me pregnant,” she told the Wall Street Journal

Dwyer is now allowing his attorneys to handle the matter.

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