Maryland County is Enforcing Youth Curfew After an Uptick in Violent Crime

Prince George’s County implemented a curfew for people under the age of 17 earlier this month.  According to the Washington Times, this curfew will last for 30 days after the Maryland county witnessed a record-breaking month in terms of violent crime in the month of August.

Alarming levels of homicides and carjackings, with a surprising number of them committed by juveniles, prompted county officials to establish new rules that limit minors’ ability to stay out  at night. Under these new rules, minors cannot be out from the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. on weeknights unless they are accompanied by a parent. On Friday and Saturday nights, the curfew goes into effect at midnight and the county’s police will be tasked with enforcing it.

County Executive Angela Alsobrooks announced the curfew and pointed out that 24 homicides took place in Prince George’s in August.

According to a WRC-TV report published on August 4, 2022, this was the highest homicide monthly figure since the county started tracking homicides back in January 2009.

“We have an accountability problem in our county,” Alsobrooks declared. She added, “What’s clear to us — and I know [this] isn’t rocket science, it’s clear to everyone — that something is not working.”

On top of the growing homicides, the county has experienced a rise in the number of carjackings.

Chief of Police Malik Aziz stated that Prince George’s has experienced 355 carjackings in 2022. According to the Washington Times, this represents a “40% increase year-to-date in 2021, which saw 391 total by year’s end.” The Washington Times report added, “Only 91 incidents of the crime were reported in 2019, which jumped to 262 in 2020.”

Alarming numbers of juveniles have been arrested for committing carjackings in the county.

Thus far, 430 juveniles were arrested on criminal charges in 2022.

What’s happening in this Maryland County will start becoming the norm nationwide as the ruling class gradually institutionalizes soft-on-crime policies.

This should serve as a reminder to the Right why they need to ensure that all key functions at the local level, specifically in law enforcement and prosecutor positions, are staffed with pro-law & order types. This is the best way to ensure that our backyards don’t turn into multicultural hellscapes.

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