Mass Protests against France’s Macron Ignored by Mainstream Media

Although you’d have no idea they were even happening if you’ve only been paying attention to establishment media, massive protests are currently happening in France over President Emmanuel Macron’s climate-alarmist carbon tax policies.

In what’s been called a “yellow jacket revolution,” French people have taken to the streets to express their opposition to crushing carbon taxes levied upon the people by limousine liberal Emmanuel Macron. The series of protests gained its name from the mandatory yellow jackets required in every vehicle in France in case of a road accident.

True to form as an establishment globalist elite, Macron has levied the costs of fighting climate change upon the working and middle-class French people. A massive carbon tax has driven the price of fuel in France to unprecedented heights, making it all the more difficult for the French middle class to provide for themselves and their families. Despite corporate and political elites producing the greatest amounts of carbon emissions and driving pollution, it’s the intolerant peons who must be made to pay the price by their rulers, according to Macron. According to Rush Limbaugh, the whopping carbon tax has raised the price of a gallon of gasoline in Paris to a massive $7.06.

Protestors have shut down prominent Parisian roads and neighborhoods, clashed with riot police, and rallied at French landmarks such as the Arc de Triomphe all the way down the Champs Elysees. The popular anger at Macron has devolved into a considerable amount of hooliganism, and French authorities claimed that over 200 people have been arrested with 92 injured in the series of events.

According to France’s Prime Minister, the first day of the protest on November 17th brought out a massive turnout of 282,000 throughout the country. The protests have continued almost daily. In spite of the enduring popularity of the protest movement, you’d have little to no idea it was even happening if you paid attention to establishment American media.

Undeterred by massive popular opposition and a dismal approval rating of 26%, Macron has continued to advance his vision of a global renaissance for the neoliberal establishment. In the very midst of the protests, he threatened to revoke a trade agreement with Brazil if the South American nation’s incoming President, Jair Bolsonaro, fulfilled his campaign promise to become the next major nation to depart from the Paris Climate Change international agreement.


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