Massachusetts Democrats in the State House Vote to Issue Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Aliens

On June 8, 2022, Democrats in the Massachusetts State House voted to override Governor Charlie Baker’s veto that put a roadblock in front of legislation that would grant driver’s licenses to illegal aliens

John Binder of Breitbart News noted that this legislation “would allow tens of thousands of illegal aliens in the state to obtain driver’s licenses.”

Baker defended his veto of the Democrats’ legislation by asserting that it “significantly increases the risk that noncitizens will be registered to vote.”

Democrats held significant majorities in the House (126-58) and Senate (37-3), so overriding Baker’s veto was a walk in the park.

In the House’s case, Democrats voted 119-36 to override Baker’s veto. The legislation is now heading to the Massachusetts Senate where Democrats are likely going to override the veto and make this bill become law. 

Binder observed that “In states that allow illegal aliens to secure driver’s licenses, many have gone on to show up on the voter rolls.”

 He added, “In California, where illegal aliens have been allowed to obtain driver’s licenses since 2015, voter fraud has become common across the state.”

Binder called attention to how California’s Department of Motor Vehicles revealed that it had registered 1,500 non-eligible voters, which includes noncitizens during the span of six months. California has issued driver’s licenses to roughly a million illegal aliens as of 2017.

According to Pew Research, there are approximately 300,000 illegal aliens residing in Massachusetts. 

By allowing illegal aliens to get a foot in the door by giving them driver’s licenses, Massachusetts is creating the foundation for a sanctuary state. This will create negative externalities as many of these illegal aliens will move into the American interior and continue eroding the country’s sovereignty.

Immigration patriots will have to keep tabs of immigration policy at both the state and federal level. Open Borders Inc. is looking for every avenue to erode national sovereignty. That requires immigration patriots to watch all legislative activity like hawks. 

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