Massachusetts Police Searching For Columbus Monument Vandals

A police department in Massachusetts is searching for vandals who defaced a Christopher Columbus monument, according to a Tuesday Facebook post.

“We are looking for information regarding several incidents of vandalism to the Christopher Columbus memorial on the Waltham Common,” said the Waltham, MA Police Department.

They attached the accompanying photo of the defaced monument:

Covering historical monuments with red paint has become a habit of rabid Marxists who are bent on the erasure of American history because of “racism” and “white supremacy.” Monuments to Columbus and Confederate Soldiers are prime targets. This appears to be the latest incident.

One defacer of the Silent Sam Statue at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, who used the same red paint tactic, was found guilty of defacing a public statue or monument on Monday. The court ruled that she would not face any punishment.

Big League Politics reported:

After a day of proceedings in Hillsborough, North Carolina, a graduate student at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill has been found guilty of misdemeanor defacing a public statue or monument.

“Judge Cabe says case doesn’t meet legal definition necessary for necessity defense, finds Maya guilty, but is continuing judgment in perpetuity. Asks about Maya’s ability to pay,” said Take Action Chapel Hill, a leftist coalition of supporters of the Silent Sam rioters that live-Tweeted the trial of Maya Little on Monday.

However, the judgment in perpetuity means that there will be no conviction or punishment. Little will not have to pay court fees, and will not be sentenced.

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