MASSIVE: VA Capitol Police Estimate 22,000 in Attendance for Pro-Gun Rally

According to reports from the police, 22,000 people were in attendance at Monday’s Second Amendment rally in Richmond, Virginia.

Estimates coming from the Joint Information Center, which is made up of spokespeople from Capitol, Richmond and Virginia State Police, claim that 6,000 people were allowed into the Capitol Square while another 16,000 were allowed to stand outside the gates.

Despite the media scare of so-called “white nationalists” coming to disrupt the event, the gun rights rally ended peacefully.

Nevertheless, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam declared a temporary state of emergency a few days before the rally, banning all weapons, even guns, at the event on Capitol Square.

The rationale behind this move was that Democrat leadership feared this rally would be a repeat of the controversial Charlottesville rally of 2017.

Instead, this rally involved thousands of activists who were peacefully protesting the Democrat-controlled state legislature’s plans to introduce gun control legislation.

The rally is now over but the fight has only just begun.

These demonstrators’ fears are warranted given the radical nature of the modern-day Democrat Party.

Their legislative endgame is to regulate private gun ownership out of existence.

The incoming 2020 session of the Virginia General Assembly is bound to be one of the most heated in recent memory, and will likely serve as a preview to the many legislative dog fights Second Amendment patriots will be involved in the near feature.

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