Matt Bevin’s Pro-Life Credentials are Scaring the Left

Leftist outlet Mother Jones acknowledges that Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin’s pro-life legislation may be a winning issue come election time.

Bevin tweeted on October 23, 2019, “4 Legislative Sessions > > > 10 #ProLife Bills”, alongside a video holding babies. He added, “The sanctity of human life should NOT be controversial, and our administration is committed to protecting it.”

Later on during that afternoon, Bevin tweeted a video of an appearance he made in 2018 on Fox News, with a message stating,“we will ALWAYS fight against the barbaric and gruesome practice of live dismemberment abortion, which seeks to undermine and devalue the sanctity of human life.”

Bevin is currently locked in a tight race with the current Attorney General Andy Beshear. The Kentucky Governor is counting on his pro-life bona fides to take him to victory at the polls.

The Kentucky Governor took charge by passing a pro-life heartbeat bill earlier this year which would ban most abortions after six weeks.

This naturally generated much controversy, which Bevin takes pride in embracing.

He said, “When you are the governor, you are accused of many things. But one of the things that I take great pride [in] is being accused of being the most pro-life governor in America. I love it.”

Now that the American Civil Liberties Union is going to court against some of Bevin’s pro-life policies, the Kentucky Governor is ready for these cases go all the way up to the Supreme Court.

During the Kentucky State of the Commonwealth address earlier this year where the Governor talked about his pro-life legislation, Bevin said, “Some of these will go all the way to the…US Supreme Court, but at the end of the day we will prevail because we stand on the side of right and we stand on the side of life.”

Bevin is among the most conservative governors in America. He has set a new standard for other Republican Governors to follow by bolstering Kentucky’s Second Amendment credentials through his signing of Constitutional Carry into law earlier this year. In 2017, he also signed pro-worker, Right to Work legislation into law.

For principled conservatives, Bevin is among the best governors in America.



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