Matt Gaetz Blasts Senator Richard Burr for Screwing Over Americans as the Country Goes into Economic Limbo

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz called out the double standard taking place in Congress.

Recently, North Carolina Senator Richard Burr sold certain stocks with alleged insider information ahead of the Wuhan virus pandemic.

As millions of Americans are now entering economic limbo, Burr was able to cash out.

Gaetz wasn’t even having it.

He tweeted, “.@KatieHill4CA gets run out of Congress for screwing a campaign staffer absent any complaint.@SenatorBurr stays as Intelligence Chairman after screwing all Americans by falsely reassuring us w opeds on #COVID while he dumped his stock portfolio early.This is not fair.”


Gaetz was referring to former California Congresswoman Katie Hill, who was caught in a sex scandal, where she had a sexual encounter with one of her campaign staffers. Photo leaks of this incident and the subsequent fallout, compelled Hill to resign. This saga raised questions about revenge porn policies and how the U.S. should handle such cases in the future.

In Burr’s case, the North Carolina Senator engaged in the swampiest of behavior that both parties’ establishments do all they can to downplay. Some media voices of integrity such as Fox News host Tucker Carlson rightfully took Burr and his colleagues to task for their devious behavior.

Gaetz is an America First patriot who upholds the integrity of higher office.

He has gone above and beyond the call of duty by refusing money from Political action Committees (PACS) for his future campaign endeavors.

In times of crisis, Gaetz is a beacon of leadership that America First advocates should turn to.

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