Matt Gaetz Moves to Strip Kevin McCarthy of House Speaker Position

On October 2, 2023, Matt Gaetz officially moved to remove House Speaker Kevin McCarthy from his House position.

Gaetz alluded to McCarthy’s support on September 30 of a bipartisan deal to prevent  US government shutdown as the main reason he moved to get rid of the House Speaker.

After a week passed, he said to reporters, “either McCarthy is no longer the speaker or he serves at the pleasure of Democrats.”

The move Gaetz used is a motion to vacate the chair, a parliamentary procedure that has not produced a speaker removal vote since 1910. In that instance, then-Speaker Joseph Cannon was able to come out of the process unscathed.

“If anyone brings a motion to vacate at any time, I will vote for it. I would never vote to retain the speaker,” Virginia Congress declared Bob Good earlier on October 2. “What he did on Saturday is overwhelming confirmation of the concerns we had in January.”

Gaetz finally got his wish on October 3, when the House removed McCarthy from his speaker position by a 216-210 vote. 

Now, Louisiana Congressman Mike Johnson is the speaker of the US House. It remains to be seen if the House under Johnson’s leadership will go in a meaningful pro-freedom direction. After all, we’re dealing with the Republican Party — the Stupid Party, which has a tendency of disappointing its constituents

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