Matt Gaetz Reveals that President Trump “Acts, Talks and Schemes” Like He’s Running in 2024

Florida Republican Matt Gaetz suggested that President Donald Trump is inclined to running to regain the presidency in the 2024 election, referring to private conversations he’s had with Trump since the 45th President left office. Gaetz revealed that President Trump “acts and talks and plans and schemes with me like he is 1000% running again,” speaking in a Clubhouse room to hundreds of Trump supporters.

Gaetz is known to be close to President Trump, and previously suggested that a Trump 2024 campaign is a real possibility. If Trump were to run for the presidency in 2024 and win, he’d become the first US President to serve non-consecutive terms in office since Democrat Grover Cleveland, who served in the late 19th century. Trump would enter office for the second time at the age of 78; seasoned for a President, but equivalent to Joe Biden himself ascending to the presidential throne for the first time at the same age.

With most of the obvious Republican contenders for the presidency lacking Donald Trump’s political charisma and established track record of policy successes as President, it’s hard to imagine any contender defeating Trump in a GOP primary.

Trump has declined to make a decision on a 2024 campaign yet, openly stating that it’s far too early to consider announcing a comeback campaign in phone call appearances on Fox News. Currently, the President is planning to vet and endorse candidates to advance his brand of “Make America Great Again” Republicanism, suggesting he’s finally soured on the Republican establishment after his final months in office.

If the President declines to run, it’s expected that the Republican primary will be largely dominated by traditional conservatives, with rhetorical allusions to Trump’s ‘America First’ vision and policy adherence to traditional Reaganite ideas.

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