MEDDLING: Russian Band Plans Benefit Concert For Planned Parenthood

Russian Band Planned Parenthood

Russian “protest” rock band Pussy Riot is planning a concert to raise money for Planned Parenthood in Alabama after recent pro-life legislation passed in the state, proving that Democrats only care about “Russian meddling” when it does not benefit them.

The rock band plans to meddle in the United States elections by raising money for Planned Parenthood, the government funded, nationwide abortion factory that previously spent $20 million on the 2018 midterm elections.

In other words, Russians are funding an organization that, in turn, will use that money to fund pro-abortion Democrats to defeat pro-life Republicans in the upcoming election.

This would appear to be a clear cut example of “Russian meddling” in the United States political system, but the mainstream media and Democrats seem to be celebrating this instead. reported:

Pussy Riot, the Russian feminist rock band, is set to hold a concert in July in Alabama to raise money for pro-choice groups in response to the state passing the nation’s toughest anti-abortion law last month.

The all-female band, whose members were jailed in Russia after it protested human rights abuses and Russian President Vladimir Putin, announced on Twitter that it is holding a concert at Saturn in Birmingham on July 11. also provided links to purchase tickets for the concert, and gushed that the band received “international attention” after they began “speaking out against Putin and discrimination against the LGBTQ community.”

This is not the first time Pussy Riot interfered in the United States, themselves Russian actors, interfered in United States politics. In 2016 one of its members was spotted wearing Bernie Sanders merchandise as she made a special visit to Sanders’ campaign office in Washington. She then endorsed Sanders on Twitter, writing “Viva Bernie!”

It certainly appears that Democrats only care about fictitious “Russian meddling” as a talking point to hurt President Donald Trump’s credibility and soaring approval ratings.

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