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Media Bias Can’t Be Ignored With 92% Of Trump Administration Coverage Proven To Be Negative



In the last 18 months, top alphabet news companies have framed almost all of their coverage around the Trump administration’s stance on immigration, 92% of which was negative.

ABC, CBS and NBC evening news programs have all run negative shows discussing the various immigration topics, with only the Russia investigation receiving more airtime. According to the Media Research Center, a conservative watchdog, Between January 20, 2017 and June 30th, 2018 the three news stations spent a combines 995 minutes covering immigration, which is roughly one-sixth of all coverage of the Trump administration. Comparatively, the Russia investigation has received more airtime with 1,680 minutes of coverage on the same evening news programs.

After immigration, the next-most-covered topic, which received 719 minutes of airtime (around 4.5 fewer hours than immigration), was the confrontation with North Korea.

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These broadcasts STILL spent nearly twice the airtime on Trump’s zero tolerance policy and the separation of illegal immigrants from their children than they did the historic June 12th summit with President Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. ABC, CBS, and NBC only spent 132 minutes covering the summit in Singapore between the two leaders.

What is the most telling from the information gathered by the Media Research Center is the amount of time spent on cracking down on sanctuary cities–20 min. That’s right, only 20 minutes has been devoted to covering this topic since Trump’s inauguration.

The coverage of these topics have been more than critical of the Trump administration, with only 8% proving to be supportive.

It’s really no surprise when journalists and the mainstream media would rather discuss how illegal immigrants are hurt by the administration’s stance on immigration rather than Americans who are harmed by those who refuse to enforce the existing law. The media focuses on families of illegal immigrants and those who break the law being separated from their children, rather than the problems that come with illegal immigrants who choose to continue to break laws once they’ve made entry into the country.

Out of 1,087 non-partisan soundbites from non-partisan sources, there weren’t ANY soundbites from pro-administration protesters to help balance out the 163 soundbites from anti-Trump protesters, even though 15 stories included audible chants that favored border wall and/or Mexico paying for the wall at different Trump rallies.


In fact, there were only FOUR soundbites from groups committed to enforcing immigration laws. Four soundbites supporting those enforcing the existing laws out of 1,087 from inauguration day through the end of last month.

The huge bias doesn’t stop just with the topics being pushed in the mainstream media. Anchors and reporters amplified messages of “dread”, “fear”, and even “terror” when describing those facing deportation or being banned from entering the U.S.

On February 11, 2017, NBC Nightly News correspondent Gabe Gutierrez made the statement:“families of undocumented immigrants say they’re now living in fear….An immigration attorney in Atlanta, says there is a sense of panic among her clients.” Then on March 3, 2017, then-CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley reported: “There is a growing sense of dread among immigrants in America.”

One of the more striking comments came from NBC’s Lester Holt who pushed the emotional side of illegal immigration saying that the “rigid government policy” was colliding with “human compassion…heartbreaking images…sparking growing outrage.”

So much for unbiased news coverage. Shouldn’t Americans be presented with both sides and allowed to decide how they feel about immigration rather than being told how they SHOULD feel? Emotion-based newscasts put the PROGRAMMING in news program and show at the very least, skewed views, if not total outright bias.


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