Media Hype About Wuhan Virus Spreads Faster Than The Virus Itself

Over the last few weeks we have all been subject to the fear and panic narrative that the establishment media is weaving concerning the Wuhan Virus.

“75,000 ill, 2,000 deaths, many thousands recovered: Can you get coronavirus twice?” writes John Bacon of USA Today

“Coronavirus cases top 60,000 as death toll spikes.” –CBS News

“U.S. stocks dive more than 7% as oil war and coronavirus fears slam markets” reports James F. Peltz of the LA Times

“Coronavirus death toll passes 4,000 worldwide.” – CNN News

“Coronavirus death rate: What are the chances of dying? – Robert Cuffe of the BBC News

“While the world deals with the coronavirus, Trump glorifies himself on Twitter.” – Eugene Robinson at the Washington Post 

“Supermarkets fear supply-chain shortages as coronavirus spreads.” –Brain Pascus at Crains New York

These are just a few examples of the fear and panic narrative of the establishment media, not to mention how the twenty four hour a day news channels of CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC are pushing the narrative in what seems like every other story they are reporting on.

But does the media hype match the current reality or are they simply displaying their hypocrisy?

According to the latest reporting there have been seven hundred and fifty four reported cases of the Wuhan Virus in the United States with twenty eight deaths. During the same period of time in America around eighteen thousand people have died of Influenza, nine thousand one hundred people have overdosed on heroin, eleven hundred and ninety American military veterans have committed suicide, and approximately two hundred thousand babies have been aborted.

An objective view would indicate at best that the establishment media has been complacent in their coverage of the reality of the Wuhan Virus in America, and at worst they have been a partner along side of Communist China in pushing economic and emotional panic on the American populace.

In the end it appears that the media hype about the Wuhan Virus is spreading faster than the virus itself.





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