Media Ignores “White Lives Don’t Matter” Signs in Canadian City

Race-baiters on the Left posted signs that read “white lives’ don’t matter” and other racial epithets in the Canadian city of Kitchener.

To no one’s surprise, the media did not bother to cover this incident.

One of the signs had an image of Jesus Christ being crucified with the words in all caps “WHITE LIVES DON’T MATTER.”

Another sign read, “It’s okay to hate white people” and “racism against whites doesn’t exist.” That sign also had a logo for “Kitchener/Waterloo against fascism.”

According to the group’s Facebook page, it describes itself as “a new organization dedicated to combatting fascism in all its forms by any means necessary.”

Despite the inflammatory nature of the signs, this left-wing hate group received no local or national media coverage.

Paul Joseph Watson noted the following at Summit News:

Neither CBC’s or CTV’s Kitchener/Waterloo pages contain any mention of the posters.

Watson then contrasted this to “It’s Okay to be White” signs, which in his view, “receive breathless, hysterical media coverage in accordance with the ‘white supremacist’ moral panic that has been heavily promoted by the media since Trump’s election.”

Yet another day where the radical Left is allowed to act with impunity, while the Dissident Right continues to be ostracized.