MEDIA MELTDOWN: Trump Tweets About South African Land Seizure and Murder of White Farmers

The mainstream press melted down and devolved into calling President Donald J. Trump a white supremacist after he Tweeted a factual statement about land being seized from white farmers in South Africa.

“I have asked Secretary of State to closely study the South Africa land and farm seizures and expropriations and the large scale killing of farmers. ‘South African Government is now seizing land from white farmers,'” he said on Twitter.

The reports of the government theft of land from white farmers in South Africa has been widely reported, and confirmed by South African farmers themselves, many of whom have been brutally murdered by black in the region.

“The country’s constitution is now likely to be amended to allow for the confiscation of white-owned land without compensation, following a motion brought by radical Marxist opposition leader Julius Malema,” according to Daily Mail. 

The motion was brought to the parliament by Julius Malema, leader of the radical ANC, a marxist political party.

“South Africa will now begin to reclaim land taken from black people near a century ago without payback to the current owners, dividing public sentiment along fears of a “land grab” and cries for justice,” wrote Quartz in March. “On Feb. 27, lawmakers overwhelmingly voted in favor to amend the constitution to allow land expropriation without compensation.”

But according to the anti-Trump resistance party, also known as the mainstream press, Trump is simple espousing “racist” conspiracy theories.

“Today, Trump tweeted a conspiracy theory spread by white supremacists in South Africa whose goal is to start a race war,” said Rolling Stone writer Osha Davidson.

What does Davidson think will be the result of the theft of land from white farmers? Does she really think they will go in peace? There will be bloody battles over this land, and white farmers will be slaughtered by government officials who ordered the land grab in the first place.

“We’ve known Donald Trump empowers and motivates white supremacists for three years at this point, so this isn’t surprising, but it is still shocking,” said BuzzFeed reporter Brandon Wall.

To be clear, the mainstream press, which is the enemy of the American people, has now taken the position that it is racist for white South Africans to want to keep the land which they own.

“Don’t invite people on your shows to argue that there is a white genocide in South Africa. There is not a white genocide in South Africa. This is not a “both sides” situation. This is the president pushing white nationalist propaganda,” said Manhattan based HuffPo writer Christopher Mathias.

How else would one describe the murder of white farmers en masse while their land is plundered?

“This stuff can’t get much more white nationalist than if you just went ahead and stuck a Klan hood on it,” said Los Angeles Times reporter Matt Pearce.

The examples go on and on.

The one question that the leftwing press will never answer is this: what is the acceptable number of murders of white farmers in South Africa? Is 50 okay? How about 100, or 1000?

The entire situation is morally wrong. It is no surprise that the left would choose to support it.

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