Media Praises San Juan Mayor For Being ‘Helpless,’ Handing Out ‘Solar-Powered Lanterns’


The Washington Post is out with a scathing rebuttal to President Trump’s tweet criticizing the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, who has reportedly changed her tune about the effectiveness of Trump’s response to the hurricane.

“Trump called San Juan’s mayor a weak leader. Here’s what her leadership looks like,” says the Post about Carmen Yulin Cruz.

Want to bet the “her” in that headline is the word they meant to accentuate?

According to the Post:

“Politics is a rough game, and sometimes as females we are taught that you have to play nice,” she once said in an interview. “Sometimes you can’t play nice.”

As a race for mayor in her home town approached in 2012, she waffled publicly on whether to enter as a candidate.

At first she denied any plans to run. Once she entered the race, she strung together small coalitions to form her base of support. Such groups included the LGBT community, students, Dominican immigrants and taxi drivers.
With such allies, she managed to beat her opponent, three-time incumbent Jorge Santini.

All right, we get it we get it.

Here’s the part that really stands out:

The mayor herself felt relatively helpless — only able to do so much for her exhausted neighbors and frightened constituents.
“I know we’re not going to get to everybody in time,” she said. But she would try.
On her way to the interview, she said, a man asked her for a favor: “To tell the world we’re here.”
As tears filled her eyes, Cruz obliged.
“If anyone can hear us,” she told the reporter, “help.”
A week later, signs hung in basketball courts of Old San Juan: “SOS.” “Don’t abandon us.”
As darkness fell Thursday, families searched for water by the light of the moon and cellphones with dwindling batteries. They passed through a tunnel beneath a city wall and found at its exit a water tank left there by the city — a godsend.
And then they found their mayor.
Cruz hugged them as they came to her. She handed to each family a small solar-powered lantern — “a box of blessings,” she called it.
“Now this is life,” she told The Post.

So, she’s a good mayor because she’s “helpless” and giving out solar-powered lanterns?


The establishment media wants to make President Trump out to be the hurricane, and it’s not working. Leaders in a time of crisis should not be sending messages to the public victimizing themselves.

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