Media Pundits Attack Michele Tafoya for Criticizing Critical Race Theory

For the egregious crime of criticizing critical race theory, aka anti-white hate, former NBC Sports reporter Michele Tafoya has received sharp criticism from the corporate media. 

Tafoya is well-known for her NFL sideline reporting for CBS, ESPN, and ABC. However, she retired from mainstream sports reporting in 2022 and has joined the campaign of Kendall Qualls, who is a Republican candidate running for governor in Minnesota, as co-chair.

Tafoya recently made an appearance on Tucker Carlson’s show where she stated that now is the time to “give back.”

“This has been on my mind. I’ve been waking up every day with a palpable pull at my gut. My middle-ground, … moderate viewpoint is not being represented to the rest of the world. And so rather than, you know, just banging it out on Twitter or Instagram every day – I thought – I’ve got to do something. I have benefited greatly from the American dream, and I feel like for the sake of my kids, and because I so love this country, I’ve got to start giving back,” Tafoya said to Carlson.

Since her appearance on The View back in November, when she attacked the critical race theory policies of her child’s schools, Tafoya has been relentlessly attacked by the Left.

“My son’s first best friend was a little African-American boy. They were inseparable. Get to a certain age; they start having what’s called an affinity group, which means you go for lunch and pizza with people who look like you,” Tafoya said on her appearance on Carlson’s show.

“There is a big, big focus on the color of your skin and my children … Why are we even teaching that the color of the skin matters? Because to me, what matters is your character and your values,” she continued.

Warner Todd Huston of Breitbart News listed off some of the leftist pundits who attacked Tafoya:

Race baiter and newly minted CNN commentator Jemele Hill, of course, led the pack, going on the attack and claiming that Critical Race Theory is a “made-up issue.”

Dave Zirin, sports editor for The Nation and a man with apparently zero self-awareness about who the true race-grifters are in this country and which political party they belong to, blasted Tafoya for using race to “grift.”

Tim Burke, a former writer for the left-wing Deadspin, went down the usual, boring road leftists take when confronted with a Republican; he called Tucker Carlson’s show the “White Nationalist Hour.”

Tafoya has maintained her ground.

“I don’t care if I’m attacked. I really am not afraid of that, and I guess I feel like so many people now are afraid,” she told Carlson. “Yeah. And I’m not. Listen, I know there are repercussions for whatever I choose to say. And I’ve talked to my kids’ school about it. You know, please don’t hold this against my kids. I’m speaking for me. I’m speaking for my family. But please don’t hold this against my kids.”

Practically all facets of journalism have become politicized these days, from political to sports journalism. Tafoya was smart in retiring from mainstream journalism and pursuing a freelance career.

There is no room for dissent in the current ecosystem of journalism. 

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