Medical Tyranny And Betrayal:’Conservative’ British Government to Implement Vaccine Passports This Month

After handing the Labor Party opposition their worst election defeat in a lifetime, Britain’s Conservative Party, under a comfortable majority and Boris Johnson’s charismatic leadership, many were hopeful that his conservative government, which has been in power since 2010, would usher a Thatcheresque era for the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, it would appear that this hope has largely been dashed in light of a string of authoritarian episodes following the outbreak of covid-19.

In addition to multiple lockdowns and classifying British citizens based on the case count in their area of a disease with an over 99% survival rate, Boris Johnson’s supposedly Conservative government has now announced plans to implement vaccine passports in order for the inheritors of the Magna Carta to enjoy the basic blessings of modern urban life.

Indeed, according to The Epoch Times, Britain’s Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi backtracked from a prior statement promising not to impose vaccine passports and made it clear in a BBC interview that such a system will be up and running in the once free country by the end of September.

In a bid to convey consistency, Zahawi informed the BBC that “When the evidence that you are presented is so clear cut and that we want to make sure the industry doesn’t have to go through [an]open-shut, open-shut sort of strategy, then the right thing to do is to introduce that by the end of September when all over 18 year-olds have had their two jabs,”. Zahawi continued to opine that “One thing that we have learnt is that in large gatherings of people, especially indoors, the virus tends to spike and spread.”. Considering the penchant Europe’s sneering elites have built up for looking down on Americans, it is quite surprising that Zahawi has yet to criticize former community organizer Barack Obama for the large gathering he had for his recent 60th birthday.

Not only did Zahawi promise to not implement a vaccine passport system in January in a public tweet, but he also assured concerned supporters that this was a promise that could be counted upon. It is entirely possible that Zahawi and the rest of Johnson’s Cabinet do not wish to be outshined in voter betrayal by anyone across the pond in light of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp’s recent shenanigans.

Covid-19 vaccine passports have drawn considerable ire across the English Channel in France, whose people are made fun of for their historic capitulation to authoritarianism. It remains to be seen if Britain will outdo her old rival in defending freedom.

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