MEET MATTHEW TYRMAND—The DeSantis-Loving, Ukraine War-Shilling Political Consultant Who Forced James O’Keefe From Project Veritas

Matthew Tyrmand, a political consultant on the fringe of the America First movement, has gained a considerable amount of infamy for being the primary force pushing James O’Keefe out of Project Veritas.

O’Keefe released a heartfelt video sharing the details of an insane coup led by Tyrmand in order to force O’Keefe out of his CEO position at Project Veritas in the immediate aftermath of their groundbreaking Pfizer revelations:

Tyrmand is being trashed relentlessly as he keeps as low of a profile as possible following O’Keefe’s ouster, being too much of a coward to address his behavior publicly in his own words:

Before Tyrmand became a reviled figure in the America First movement, he had made appearances on Steve Bannon’s War Room and Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss happenings in Brazil where he purported himself to be an expert on foreign affairs, giving false hope to viewers that former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro could hang onto power after last year’s election.

However, Tyrmand’s most passionate policy position has been his relentless cheerleading for war in Ukraine, agitating on behalf of World War 3 for the globalists, undermining the America First foreign policy preferred by Republicans in the age of Trump.

Tyrmand has been agitating constantly against Russia, celebrating U.S. intervention and aggression for months as billions in munitions have been dumped into the region, causing countless deaths and impoverishing the West as a result. He explained his pro-war, America Last ideology during an appearance on Rock Rachon on TVP World.

“I’ve been arguing with my “friends” and some erstwhile friends on the Right who have made every sort of equivocation on Russia’s position, including that Russia would always end up in China’s arms if they did not end up in our arms in the West, if we did not make olive branch with them. I said it’s impossible,” he said.

Of course, it was Tyrmand’s belligerent warmongering beliefs, fueled by blind ethnocentric hatred and cheered on by the Trump haters and Russian election conspiracists of the Left, that strengthened ties between Russia and China. Despite all evidence to the contrary, Tyrmand arrogantly doubled down on his America Last beliefs.

Tyrmand made additional appearances on Rock Rashon where he repeated the Pentagon propaganda line without offering a shred of evidence that Russia blew up Nord Stream 2, and called for the European Union to escalate drastically against Russia to expand the war effort. He has also regularly made psychotic comments on his Facebook profile cheering on the death and destruction of Russians.

“To this piece of sh*t (who will God willing see his genocidalist daughter soon enough) dictatorship with gulags and thousands of arrested journalists “disappeared” is…wait for it…”preservation of justice” and “balance.” It’s a damn shame he is not yet with his POS daughter,” Tyrmand said, in response to a video of Russian political thinker Alexander Dugin after his daughter was gruesomely murdered.

Considering his hawkish foreign policy beliefs, it should come as no surprise that Tyrmand is a major opponent of Donald Trump’s run for the presidency in 2024, ignoring blatant election fraud in the midterms, and claiming that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis must take the mantle from Trump within the Republican Party.

“The red wave did not materialize…because of many issues, but I actually think the big one was Trump… You know, Trump is now at a point where he just announced [his run for presidency] two days ago. He was going to announce before the election, which tells you a lot of what his mentality is, it’s about me, it’s not about the Republican Party, it’s not about the country,” Tyrmand said on Rock Rashon after the midterms, claiming DeSantis will defeat Trump in the 2024 presidential primary.

Tyrmand appeared with a host of conservative influencers at DeSantis’ Inaugural Governor’s Ball in January where he made unhinged remarks against Trump while possibly under the influence of various substances. 

Tyrmand does not appear to be a lone wolf in his opposition to O’Keefe among the DeSantis flock. Other pro-DeSantis commentators on the Right have come out to defend the coup against O’Keefe, as his ouster from Project Veritas shapes up to be a proxy battle in the Trump vs. DeSantis war for the soul of the American Right.


Expect many more attacks on conservative America First heroes in the months to come from establishment surrogates like Tyrmand, who are all coalescing behind DeSantis as their man to stop the MAGA revolution and convert the Republican Party back to Bush-ism and neoconservatism.

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