Meet the Female Georgia Republican Who Plans to Dismantle Planned Parenthood

On Friday, Republican Marjorie Greene announced she will be running to represent Georgia’s 14th Congressional District.

Defending gun rights will be one of her top priorities in this congressional campaign.

Greene says she has a Georgia Weapons License, carries a firearm for personal protection on a daily basis, and would love to improve upon Georgia’s solid gun laws by passing “Constitutional Carry” legislation.

However, Greene is not just staunch defender of gun rights.

If elected, Greene will be the strongest voice for the lives of the unborn in Congress.

Speaking exclusively to BLP, Greene made it clear that she will defend the rights of the unborn tooth and nail:

I’m 100% unapologetically pro-life. I will never vote for one penny of our hard-earned tax dollars to go to Planned Parenthood. I’m appalled by the career politicians who say they’ll vote against Planned Parenthood funding, then vote for the funding to the tune of $500 million a year. No more funding for Planned Parenthood if I have anything to say about it. As a mother of three children myself, I believe life begins at conception. That’s why one of the first bills I will cosponsor is the ‘Life at Conception Act’.

Greene wants become the champion of pro-life issues at the federal level.

If victorious, Greene will be fighting one of the most powerful lobbies in all the swamp. As previously reported, Planned Parenthood receive big bucks from corporate oligarchs such as Warren Buffett. On top of that, Planned Parenthood is beginning to open up so-called “Reproduction Centers” throughout urban areas to strengthen its presence across the nation.

There is no question that pro-abortion activists are working relentlessly to advance their causes, which is why they must be met with a strong pro-life resistance.

The Georgia 14th Congressional District Republican Primary takes place in May 19. The qualification day for the race is March 6th.

With Greene running in this race, Second Amendment and pro-life issues will absolutely be at the forefront of political discussion.


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