Meet The Hillary Donor In The State Department Who Chatted With Christopher Steele

The U.S. State Department is firmly enmeshed in the Obama-Gate spy scandal, due in part to new revelations about former State Department official and Albanian ambassador nominee Kathleen Kavalec.

Kavalec’s documented conversations with Christopher Steele, writer of the debunked dossier that bears his name, has many different implications on the Robert Mueller case, not least of which the necessity for more  federal government officials involved in Spy-Gate to be subpoenaed.

Bruce Ohr of the Department of Justice — husband of Fusion GPS operative Nellie Ohr — will testify before the House Judiciary Committee due to the circumspect investigative work of Rep. Goodlatte.

Kavalec spoke to Ohr about her talk with Steele.

Byron York reports: “On Nov . 21, other players entered the conversation. Ohr received an an email from Kathleen Kavalec, a deputy assistant secretary of state in the Bureau of European Affairs in the State Department. (Kavalec is now President Trump’s nominee to be ambassador to Albania.) Kavalec sent Ohr information on Simon Kukes, a Russian-born executive who contributed more than $250,000 to Trump-supporting organizations after Trump won the Republican nomination. Kavalec said she met Kukes around 2014, when “Tom Firestone brought him in,” a reference to former Justice Department official Thomas Firestone, now a partner at the Washington law firm BakerHostetler. Kavalec also linked to a Mother Jones article about Kukes. Ohr responded by saying, “I may have heard about him from Tom Firestone as well, but I can’t recall for certain.” Then Kavalec answered by saying she was “just re-looking at my notes from my convo with Chris Steele” and that “I see that Chris said Kukes has some connection to Serge Millian, an emigre who is identified by FT as head of the Russian-American Chamber of Commerce.'”

Very interesting. But that’s not all. It turns out that Kavalec is reportedly a Hillary Clinton donor.

Journalist Paul Sperry wrote, “FEC records show the State Department official, Kathleen Kavalec, who emailed Bruce Ohr about her “convo” with dossier author Christopher Steele, gave $500 to Hillary For America and Hillary Victory Fund. President Trump has nominated Kavalec to be ambassador to Albania.”

Bruce and Nellie Ohr are now at the center of the scandal.

Tore Lindeman reported on the Ohrs’ stunning access to secretive information in her bombshell expose “Hurricane Electric Exposed,” writing:

The FBI’s “Citizen Log” program, formerly known as LifeLog, is at the center of #SpyGate and provided material for the Christopher Steele dossier. Fusion GPS had access to this government database through its operative Nellie Ohr’s husband Bruce Ohr at the Justice Department.

The #SpyGate conspirators used the code name “Crossfire Hurricane” because they were all using a contractor called Hurricane Electric, which has access to all of the Barack Obama and James Comey FBI surveillance programs on private American citizens.

It is confirmed that Russians hacked the entire database when an Obama administration French contractor snuck Russian code into all of the FBI surveillance programs.

“The access to this server is a free pass to pry into anyone’s life. This is were we store, collate and even plant information on someone,” a high-level federal government security insider tells Big League Politics.

“The thing about planting information is, we never use information that is fake, we use somebody else’s information and merge it onto our target’s profile. For example, if I want to take you out or silence you, I will link some other person’s profile that may be dubious or even criminal, link it up to yours where you might have a gap or where I can easily replace it because maybe you were really private during that period and then we have you right where we want you. This is what happened to President Trump” said our source...


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