Meeting of Titans: Trump and Bolsonaro to Hold Summit at White House

President Donald Trump has led a worldwide phenomenon that has emboldened other countries to elect bold populists as their national leaders. The most hardcore of them all may be Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, nicknamed “Trump of the Tropics,” renowned for his tough stances against cultural Marxism and societal degeneracy.

This controversial figure is headed to the White House for his first summit with Trump since assuming the role of President at the beginning of the year. The two men will discuss “opportunities for defense cooperation, pro-growth trade policies, combating transnational crime, and restoring democracy in Venezuela” and other topics during the Mar. 19 meeting.

The news will surely infuriate isolationist Democrats who do not want Trump to engage Bolsonaro. Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) authored a letter with 17 other left-leaning US Representatives in Oct. 2018 whining to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about the atrocities that Bolsonaro might commit as President.

“It is incumbent upon you and other spokespeople for our government to condemn all political violence in Brazil and take a strong stand in opposition to such backsliding; leaving clear that US assistance and cooperation with Brazil is contingent on the upholding of basic human rights and democratic values by its leaders,” the letter read.

Trump never even acknowledged the letter and immediately went to work making a close ally of Bolsonaro following his election.

Democrats wanted Trump to use his bully pulpit to neuter Bolsonaro, but Trump is doing exactly the opposite. Freedom fever is spreading across the continent as a result. Venezuelan socialism is collapsing, and the Left fears that the people will ultimately support US-backed Juan Guiado or a leader who is even further to the right than he. By setting such a strong example in the North, Trump may overshoot his mandate and make the Americas great again!

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