Melania Appears At White House, Smacking Down Left-Wing Conspiracy Theorists

First Lady Melania Trump appeared at the White House Wednesday with her husband President Donald Trump at a FEMA event, finally ending the conspiracy theories from frothing left-wing mainstream media reporters about her supposed absence.

Melania, who raises the First Couple’s son Barron, has been absent from public appearances for a short while but recently tweeted that she was at the White House with her family working on children’s and family issues. She recently underwent kidney surgery. That’s right, the First Lady of the United States took time off from the cameras to recover from kidney surgery, and hateful so-called reporters spread despicable conspiracy theories about it.

CNN was forced to report on Melania’s return via their pooler:

Well, if Kate Bennett is so industrious in following the First Lady, why did she not go the extra mile to promote the First Lady’s actual whereabouts and the real reason for her absence from the prying cameras? She might not have personally started the conspiracy theories by her disgusting mainstream media peers, but she did not stop them, did she?

The conspiracy theories pushed the ideas that President Trump killed Melania, or abused her. The disgusting anti-Trump reporters and politicos pushed their disgusting conspiracy theories that undermine the integrity of journalism — which, in their corporate media version, has already been degraded to nothing. They disparage the very notion of human decency in the United States of America as they increasingly lose any concept of reality, retreating into a hive-mind of hateful illusionary invective.

We will not provide a platform for these disgusting conspiracy theorists on this website.

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