Melbourne Construction Protests Grow As Australians’ Patience Wanes

Australian protestors confronting Union leaders before beginning to throw objects.

Protests in Melbourne, Australia among working-class construction workers have exploded, with large crowds seen in the past few days.

Rebel News recently went to Melbourne to cover one of these protests, posting a video on Youtube about the event.

“You know that there’s no 70-year-old Grandma’s here?” a construction worker sarcastically said during a montage of different interview responses. The worker was likely referencing a 70-year-old woman who went viral after being pepper-sprayed by Australian police while laying on the floor during a previous protest.

“99% angry young men isn’t that what they wanted angry young men? No ladies to push around here,” said another man.

“I’m an angry young man alright!” joked a middle-aged worker.

“Have you got your authorized CFMEU media pass?” laughed one friend to another. CMFEU is an acronym short for Australia’s Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union.

The Rebel News Reporter asked some of the workers what made them finally snap and decide that enough was enough.

“We need to be mandatory 100% vaccinated to work as of next week,” stated one man.

“Do politicians need to be vaccinated to go to work?”

About midway through the video protestors can be seen throwing objects at representatives of the CFMEU building, with it stopping upon the arrival of armed police in riot gear. Brawls between union members and leaders broke out soon after.

Unlike many previous Australian protests, police did not attempt to engage in mass arrests.

Many Australian construction workers in the video were also seen saying they would never again vote for candidates from Australia’s Labor party.

The Rebel Media report concluded with the journalist asking the viewers to help spread the news, with a loud cheering group of Australian workers behind him cheering the message on.

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