Melinda Gates: “Incredibly Disappointing” Trump Reserving Coronavirus Vaccine for Americans First

Billionaire globalist Melinda Gates slammed President Donald Trump for signing an executive order mandating that the national supply of coronavirus vaccines be provided to Americans before being distributed to other countries. Gates is the wife of globalist oligarch Bill Gates, who has promoted himself as an expert on the coronavirus pandemic despite lacking medical or epidemiological qualifications.

Gates, who also has been promoted as a coronavirus expert despite her lack of qualifications, slammed an executive order signed by President Trump to ensure government agencies provide vaccines to Americans before shipping them abroad.

That’s exactly what we were worried about,” replied Gates to a question from CNN’s Penny Harlow, adding “I knew it was coming and I was just incredibly disappointed.

Gates has also called for the black population to be placed at the front of the line in distribution of the coronavirus vaccine, citing the disease’s disproportionate impact on the black community.

The wife of Bill Gates suggested that the United States provide its vaccines to developing countries around the world, even though the United States has incurred one of the worst outbreaks of the virus worldwide. Generally speaking, developing nations such as India and the nations of Africa have avoided the worst brunt of the coronavirus pandemic so far, a development some health experts chalk up to a cultural acceptance of abiding by community rules.

The FDA approved Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine on Friday after a lengthy stonewalling process, and first doses are already being distributed to healthcare workers.

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