MELTDOWN: Crazy Nancy Pelosi Accuses CNN of Supporting President Trump for Questioning Her on COVID-19 Relief Deal

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) became unhinged during a recent appearance on CNN when host Wolf Blitzer actually attempted to do some journalism, for a change.

Blitzer pushed Pelosi for playing politics with COVID-19 relief legislation. She has insisted on the inclusion of Democrat pork into any COVID-19 relief bill, which has caused the effort to stall.

“You evidently do not respect the chairman of the committees who wrote these bills, and I wish you would respect the knowledge that goes into meeting the needs of the American people,” Pelosi said to Blitzer.

“But again, you’ve (inaudible) defending the administration all this time with no knowledge,” she added.

Blitzer attempted to diffuse the bizarre and awkward situation, but Pelosi was so triggered over his legitimate questioning that she would not let it go.

“Madam Speaker, these are incredibly difficult times right now, and we’ll leave it on that note. Thank you so much for joining us,” he said.

“We’ll leave it on the note that you’re not right on this, Wolf, and I hate to say that to you, but I feel confident about it, and I feel confident about my colleagues, and I feel confident in my chairs,” Pelosi snapped back.

This is when Blitzer began to lose his patience and refused to let Pelosi treat him like a doormat for challenging her nonsense.

“It’s not about me. It’s about millions of Americans who can’t put food on the table, who can’t pay the rent,” Blitzer said.

Pelosi yelled over Blitzer, refused to allow him to make any point, and never backed up anything she said with any substance.

“We represent them and we know them. We know them. We represent them,” Pelosi said.

“As we say, don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good,” Blitzer responded.

“Thank you for your sensitivity to our constituents’ needs,” Pelosi said sarcastically.

“I am sensitive to them because I see them on the street begging for food, begging for money,” Blitzer added.

“Have you fed them? We feed them. We feed them,” Pelosi said.

At this point, Blitzer mercifully ended the conversation before the House Speaker could humiliate herself further.

The entire exchange can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on Pelosi’s extreme contempt of the American people, which has worsened substantially in recent months as her mental faculties slip noticeably:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is blaming a salon, alleging an elaborate conspiracy against her, after she was caught breaking COVID-19 quarantine rules to get a haircut.

“I take responsibility for trusting the word of a neighborhood salon,” Pelosi said to reporters on Wednesday. “It turns out it was a setup.”

Pelosi was apparently clueless about the COVID-19 restrictions in her home state of California and went solely on the word of the salon, if her dubious story can be believed at all.

“I take responsibility for trusting the word of a neighborhood salon that I’ve been to over the years many times,” Pelosi said.

“I trusted that – as it turns out it was a setup,” she added. “So I take responsibility for falling for a setup and that’s all I’m going to say on that.”

Now, she wants the salon to issue an apology to her for supposedly engaging in this elaborate conspiracy to make her look foolish and hypocritical.

“I think this salon owes me an apology for setting up,” she said.

Erica Kious, the California salon owner being criticized by Pelosi, is not likely to apologize. She appeared on Fox News to talk about Pelosi’s extreme contempt for the little people and her obvious belief that she is above the rules that others in non-privileged positions have to abide by.

“It was a slap in the face that she went in, you know, that she feels that she can just go and get her stuff done while no-one else can go in, and I can’t work,” she said.

In-door salon activity is still banned in the city of San Francisco, although outdoor haircuts are now permitted.

Pelosi has emerged as the Marie Antionette of the declining U.S. empire. Few career politicians are more open in their contempt of the American public than Pelosi.

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