Members of Congress Force Vote on Resolution to Reject ATF’s New Pistol Brace Regulation

In early June, Georgia Congressman Andrew Clyde asserted that House Republican leadership told him that “it would be very difficult” to back his Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution targeting the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) regulation on pistols featuring stabilizing braces if the Congressman did not support a procedural vote to raise the debt ceiling.

According to John Crump of AmmoLand, Clyde did not relent and voted to increase the debt ceiling. At a first glance, Clyde’s resolution was dead. However, Clyde and the Freedom Caucus teamed up to continue confronting the political establishment. In addition, other more independent-leaning Republicans banded together with Clyde to confront House leadership. Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz and Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert called California Congressman and Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy to address this resolution. 

Both of the congress members have taken establishment Republicans to task. They also went on a media blitz to attack the DC Swamp and the ATF. 

“We really don’t like bullies, and we don’t like when people get picked on,” proclaimed Gaetz. “And if you want to see Lauren and I get pretty animated, go pick on one of our colleagues.”

After a lot of internal political bickering, Clyde went on Twitter on June 6 to reveal that Republican leadership had eventually yielded and agreed to bring the resolution to the House floor for a vote on June 20.

Even if this bill passes the House, it will face a stiff challenge in the US Senate, which is under Democratic control. Nevertheless, such measures get the ball rolling in discrediting the ATF and creating a long-term environment that will make the abolition of the ATF a mainstream political position.

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