The troops are coming home, quickly.

President Donald Trump is ending the U.S. war in Syria, having defeated ISIS in the region and stopped that terrorist network from building their sinister Caliphate.

Defense Secretary James “Moderate Dog” Mattis has signed our commander in chief’s executive order to withdraw our brave men and women from Syria, dashing the twisted hopes of a military-industrial complex that wanted to remove Bashar al Assad from power and wage another needless and bloody nation-building experiment in the blackened heart of the Middle East.

Mattis is out on January 1, to be replaced by his deputy Patrick Shanahan, according to our president.

President Trump has sent a very brave message to the world, one that will last for a long time in the pages of our history books — so long as they don’t get re-written by future totalitarians.

President Trump has announced that we, the United States of America, will no longer sing the false song of globalism. We will no longer create war and destruction in faraway lands, spending our treasure and our great people’s lives for unclear objectives and for the profit and power of a corrupt system.

We, the United States of America, will end this decades-long travesty, this criminal enterprise that has operated at the highest levels of our federal government. We will protect our own interests, we will fight for our people, and we will stand on the side of Good and Righteousness.

Merry Christmas. War is Over.

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