Meteorologist Accused of Racism for Slip Up Finds Newfound Support Online, Including Al Roker

A meteorologist at WHEC, the NBC affiliate in Rochester, New York who was fired after an obvious flub of wording during a Friday telecast, is finding newfound support from sane people across the country.

Jeremy Kappell used the words “Martin Luther (coon) King Park,” when describing a park named after the civil rights leader on television Friday. It was an obvious slip – a combination of the words “King” and “Junior,” and he immediately corrected himself.

But after pressure from a leftist social media mob calling Kappell a racist and the Democratic mayor of Rochester, who is a black woman, calling for his termination, Kappell was fired from his post.

Note that Democrats do not have a problem with this word – just ask any black conservative how many times he or she has been slandered with the same slur – but they love power. Getting Kappell fired had nothing to do with alleged “racism.” The man is quite obviously not a racist. It was an exercise in seeing if they could influence the station into firing him. They succeeded.

But after a viral Facebook video explaining the situation to his fans, Kappell is receiving renewed support.

Al Roker, perhaps America’s most famous weatherman and co-host of “Today” on NBC – who also happens to be black – Tweeted his support for Kappell.

“I think made an unfortunate flub and should be given the chance to apologize on Anyone who has done live tv and screwed up (google any number of ones I’ve done) understands,” Roker said.

Others have pointed out that ESPN host Mike Greenberg made the same mistake on air almost a decade ago.

“ESPN’s Mike Greenberg still has his job – 9 years ago he made the exact same error. But today it’s much more advantageous to demand ruination of a mans life and livelihood,” said one Twitter user.

Others have noted that the network should have at least given Kappell the chance to apologize and explain himself on air before being fired.

A Change.Org petition to have Kappell reinstated has over 33,000 signatures and is quickly approaching its goal of 35,000.

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