Mexican Authorities Finds 18 Bags of Human Parts in the Mexican State of Jalisco

On February 11, 2021,  Mexican police in the state of Jalisco discovered 18 plastic bags containing human remains.

Guadalajara is notorious for being the home of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel, one of the fastest growing drug cartels in Mexico. It has earned a reputation for its brutality and meteoric ascent to power.

According to a statement released by the Jalisco state prosecutor’s office, the Guadalajara police patrolled Zapopan, an area within Guadalajara’s metropolitan region, and found a human limb close to a highway overpass.

This grisly discovery prompted the Mexican authorities to pursue a general search of the area, which eventually ended up with them finding 18 black plastic bags in a ravine in Zapopan. According to Mexican authorities, the bags were tied up and filled with human remains.

It prompted the cops to conduct a search that led to the discovery of 18 black plastic bags among the weeds in a ravine in Zapopan. Police said the bags were all tied and stuffed with human remains.

The  New York Daily News reported that the human remains were sent over to the Jalisco Institute of Forensic Sciences where they were studied in order to determine the number of victims and how they ultimately died. 

Mexico News Daily reported that this recent discovery was the fourth instance of Guadalajara authorities finding dumped or buried bodies in the metro area within the span of a month.

For example, police found 17 bags packed with body parts on two farms in Tlajomulco de Zúñiga and a clandestine burial site on a farm in a different neighborhood located in the same municipality. Similarly, police found a body covered up by a tarp in the city of Tonalá. Despite the body not being identified so far, social media users are speculating that this is the body of a man who was kidnapped from a Zapopan restaurant on February 8. Law enforcement has denied such speculation so far.

The discovery of human body parts put a bookmark to a violent week in the Guadalajara metro area. In that timeframe, 10 individuals were shot to death in three unrelated incidents at Zapopan, San Pedro Tlaquepaque, and Guadalajara.

Over the last few years, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel has been involved in a turf war with a splinter cartel faction in the Guadalajara metro region, per an Associated Press report. In El Salto, located right outside of Guadalajara, there were 189 corpses discovered in the town.

According to an ABC News report, 80,000 people have gone missing since Mexico launched its very own drug war against cartels. In 2020, approximately 8,300 individuals were reported missing in Mexico. Mexican authorities maintain that 2020’s figures were the highest number of missing people recorded in recent memory.

Mexico’s institutions are in disarray and America should do everything possible to secure itself from the inevitable dysfunction that will make its way statewide if America’s border security stays rickety.

Sadly, the Biden administration is not doing much to address this matter.

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