Mexican President Defends Trump and Calls Out Big Tech for Violating Free Speech

In a strange turn of events, Mexican president Andres Manuel López Obrador recently came to President Donald Trump’s defense after social media platforms blocked his account.

Facebook and Twitter’s decision to ban President Trump elicited strong words from the Mexican president, who described the actions as a “bad omen.”

The concept of private companies deciding who can be censored and muzzled violates the freedom of speech, according to a statement AMLO made during a press conference on January 8.

“It’s like  a censorship court is being created, like the Holy Inquisition, for the management of public opinion,” he declared.

AMLO said that he found Zuckerberg’s behavior to be “arrogant.”

“He’s talking about his norms, but what about freedom and the right to information? What’s the role of legal and legitimately constituted authorities?” the president said. “We can’t allow one corporation that is the owner of Facebook, or of Twitter, decide who it can and who it can’t grant the possibility to communicate.”

AMLO and President Trump have been able to forge a solid working relationship, as evidenced by Trump’s success with the Remain in Mexico policy that has largely prevented asylum seekers from Central America from clogging up America’s immigration system by having them stay in Mexico as their asylum requests are processed.

Although Mexico has all the trappings of a failed state — out of control crime, cartels effectively exercising sovereignty over pieces of land, and an inability to keep cartels in check —, President Trump has found proactive ways to cooperate with AMLO and lay the foundations for a strong relationship between two neighboring countries. 

The Mexican president can sympathize with Trump because of the former’s experience with voter fraud in some of his previous attempts to run for the Mexican presidency. 

Good on AMLO’s part for defending Trump and calling out Big Tech overreach. He’s actually defended Trump more effectively than most GOP leaders.

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