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Mexican Suspect in Double Homicide Entered U.S. on H-2B Visa



A Mexican national suspected in a double-homicide in Mexico was admitted to the United States via a H-2B worker visa, according to a Friday Breitbart report.

“On September 27, Jose Froylan Garcia Melendez was admitted to the U.S. on an H-2B visa,” the report said. “The following day, after Melendez was rewarded the visa, Mexican officials notified the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency to make them aware that the national was wanted in Mexico for double homicide.”

More than 60,000 H-2B visas are doled out to low-skilled workers annually, snatching those jobs from American citizens and allowing major corporations to cut down on the cost of their labor. The program exists because establishment Republicans and some Democrats often bend a knee to big business donors who grease the candidates’ palms on the campaign trail with the intention of being repaid once our esteemed elected officials are sworn into office.

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These visas are for jobs outside of the agriculture industry, meaning that these immigrants are not coming to America to “do jobs that Americans won’t do,” as is often the pitch, like picking vegetables on farms.

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“Two days after his admission to the U.S., Melendez was arrested by ICE agents while at work in Weems, Virginia for immigration violations,” the report said. “The next day, Mexican officials issued Melendez’s arrest warrants, formally charging him with the double homicide.”

Fortunately, this time around the visa program did not result in physical harm to any American. But it begs the question: if we absolutely must replace American workers with cheap foreign labor, is it unreasonable to request of our elected officials that they do not import suspected murderers?

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Petition for Seattle Mayor’s Recall Election Approved by King County Judge

The mayor stood by as anarchists seceded from the United States.



A petition campaign to bring about a recall election targeting Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan was approved by a King County Judge on Sunday, potentially setting up Durkan’s removal from office. The liberal mayor has lost the confidence of many of the city’s residents, including liberals, after largely refusing to enforce the rule of law and the territorial integrity of the United States.

Durkan consistently refused to break up the dangerous Capital Hill Autonomous Zone anarchist territory after its adherents declared their independence from the United States, responding to the presence of the rebel group with little more than smug potshots at President Donald Trump. Durkan only finally broke up the CHAZ after multiple murders within the commune’s borders, senseless killings by the territory’s armed ‘security’ that could’ve been avoided through putting down the secessionist project.

However, it appears that the recall petition actually opposes Durkan for opposing the activities of the CHAZ, claiming that Durkan was restricting protected political activity within the confines of the commune. The petition accuses Durkan of “endanger(ing) the peace and safety of the community” by allowing the police to “leak false information about fabricated crimes and threats to the media.” The recall also cites a curfew implemented upon the City of Seattle after the anarchists set up their autonomous commune.

Petitioners will need to collect 50,000 signatures in order to bring about the recall election, which is relatively unprecedented in the history of Seattle. It’s quite likely that a sizable population of Seattle residents opposed to the lawless and violent activities of the anarchists will support the recall, an irony considering that its organizers oppose the mayor for refusing to grant the street criminals special privileges.

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