Miami Herald Columnist Claims Opening Florida Beaches Will “Thin the Ranks” Of DeSantis, Trump Supporters

A Miami Herald columnist issued an apology on Sunday after tweeting that the opening of Florida’s beaches would “thin the herd” of Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump supporters.

Fabiola Santiago’s apology tweet seemed to avoid expressly apologizing for the substance of her tweet, that implied conservative Floridians dying of the coronavirus would be a good thing. She merely apologized for the “phrase” she used, raising questions as to her genuine penitence for the tweet.

Donald Trump Jr. went on to call out the Miami journalist for her hateful political rhetoric.

Governor DeSantis of Florida has allowed for the reopening of Florida’s beaches in a limited fashion. Beachgoers are required to abide by strict social distancing rules. Activities that are permitted at the beaches are limited to a range of activities such as swimming and exercising, and crowds of greater than 50 people are prohibited at the beaches.

Liberals have taken great offense at DeSantis’ limited reopening of the state lands, all while conveniently ignoring that Democratic governors have rolled back similar restrictions. Members of the public have been seen engaging in questionable public activities in states such as New York and New Jersey, where the outbreak is far more severe than it is in Florida.

In any case, the naked partisan hatred displayed by Santiago is truly deplorable. This is a time for all Americans to stand together and weather the storm of the invisible enemy.

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