Michelle Malkin Praises Big League Politics: ‘One of My Must Reads’

Legendary conservative writer Michelle Malkin praised Big League Politics Monday and even called attention to the epidemic of conservative-media reporters ripping off our work.


Malkin, the founder of Twitchy, made the comment in response to an attack on our credibility from a Twitchy blogger named “Sarah D,” who has bashed President Donald Trump’s national emergency to secure the southern border. Others at Twitchy have supported our work.

Malkin is a genius whose speech at CPAC this year was the closest thing the modern age has seen to Johnny Cash performing live at San Quentin. While conservative industry professionals imprisoned in a Koch-dominated lockup in which immigration is basically an issue No-Go Zone, Malkin proved herself yet again to be an absolute rock star.

Peter D’Abrosca reported from CPAC:

With a lineup full of GOP establishment hacks attempting to conflate President Donald J. Trump’s “America First” agenda with the NeoCon political centrism of old, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) has been deeply disappointing on many fronts.

While Glenn Beck and far-leftist Van Jones (yes, that Van Jones) headlined the event, actual conservatism has been in short supply. Those who truly believe in “America First” have been censured, and some even outrightly banned. So much for that basic conservative tenet of freedom of expression!

But author and political commentator Michelle Malkin took the stage early on Friday afternoon and cut through the noise, handing the GOPe – which has been desperate to pretend that immigration is not a hotbed issue (read: the hotbed issue) that Americans care about – a well-deserved tongue lashing…

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