Michelle Malkin Rebukes ‘The Left’s War on Whites’ in Scathing Exposé

Michelle Malkin exposed “the Left’s war on whites” during her weekly Newsmax program, Sovereign Nation, which aired on Saturday.

Malkin issued a scathing monologue where she laid out the truth that most conservative commentators are too frightened to admit.

“In America 2021, our children are being indoctrinated from kindergarten through college to hate the historic American nation, its founders, and the majority race in this country,” she said.

During one segment, she brought on African-American clinical psychologist Gary Thompson to expose the dangerousness of marxist critical race theory. He explained how the doctrine is training whites to subjugate themselves so they can more easily be looted.

“The end result for all of this is for 250 million white Americans to take a knee, whip out their checkbooks for reparations, to get in the back of the bus and then to shut up and ask no questions,” Thompson said.

That clip can be seen here:

Malkin also brought on Idaho state representative Priscilla Giddings, who is taking measures in her state to ban critical race theory from being taught in Idaho schools.

“I have introduced legislation that would outlaw advocating for these sexist, racist, marxist concepts to be taught in all of public education. That legislation was not allowed a public hearing or to go forward,” Giddings said.

With Idaho RINOs protecting critical race theory, Giddings said she is focusing on the budget to prevent critical race theory and other bigoted anti-American pseudoscience from being taught in schools.

“Now we’re looking at pulling $18 million dollars from our colleges and universities where they are specifically using this money to promote these ideologies,” she said.

That clip can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on how the spread of critical race theory has resulted in anti-white ideology being taught to the youth of America:

Bizarre footage of a critical race theory indoctrination session in the Loudoun County, Virginia public school system has surfaced, with a teacher demanding a student identify pictures of two people by their race.

In the lesson, an instructor persistently berates a student to speak about a benign picture of two women. The student accurately describes the picture as ‘two people chilling,’ only for the teacher to continually press the student to identify the people by their race…

When the student finally relents and mentions the racial aspects of the photo, he rejects the teacher’s insinuation that he needs to focus primarily on race. “At the end of the day, wouldn’t that just be feeding into the problem instead of acknowledging them as two normal people?”

America will not survive unless Marxism is rooted out. Americans will need to collectively summon Malkin levels of courage to defeat the insidious threat within.

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