Michigan Attorney General Candidate Matt DePerno Responds to Politically-Motivated Conspiracy Claims by Democrat AG Dana Nessel: ‘Dumbest Case She Could Ever Take’

In the wake of the FBI’s raid of President Trump’s home, Michigan attorney general candidate Matt DePerno is under similar attack in his state from Democrat officials.

Michigan Democrat attorney general Dana Nessel has announced DePerno’s alleged involvement in a “conspiracy” to obtain election infrastructure and test the vote-counting machines after the 2020 presidential election that was marred with fraud.

DePerno addressed the controversy during a fundraiser in Macomb County, Michigan on Monday. He says that prosecutors have told him this is the “dumbest case she could ever take,” but he would not put it passed Nessel to try something this insane out of desperation.

“You don’t leak documents when you are conducting a serious investigation,” DePerno said, saying that he believes Nessel is attempting to create a media spectacle.

Nessel has waged war against vote fraud whistleblowers as part of her aggressive attempt to suppress claims of election fraud and fortify the vote steal that took place under her Democrat administration in 2020.

Big League Politics has reported on the threats levied by Nessel against opponents of voter fraud after the 2020 presidential election:

Michigan attorney general Dana Nessel is threatening three lawyers who have had the courage to fight back against voter fraud in the court of law.

She released a press release maligning lawyers Greg Rohl, Scott Hagerstrom and Stefanie Junttila for joining attorney Sidney Powell in pursuing “a frivolous lawsuit in an effort to disenfranchise Michigan’s voters and undermine public trust in the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.”

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