Michigan Ballot Recount Shows Massive Irregularities, Systemic Election Law Violations by Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson

The results from a Michigan recount of the 2022 midterm vote, pertaining to two ballot measures, has shown massive irregularities, with an alarming percentage of ballot bags and precincts being unable to be recounted or not matching.

The recount was spearheaded by the Election Integrity Force and the America Project after virtually no reforms were enacted following the 2020 presidential election marred with credible allegations of fraud. Forensic expert Erich Speckin testified in an affidavit about what he observed when analyzing ballots.

“When the ballot bags or boxes were opened, in many instances, there were additional tags or seals that had been placed on this bag or box in previous sealings that were not available or readily obvious from the vote total or from the ballot book or from any other place contained within the materials as to why or when this box would have been opened and resealed with a different seal,” Speckin explained.

The final analysis shows that 41.5 percent of the ballot bags and 70.2 percent of precincts were either non-recountable or did not match, showing how Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, a far-left Southern Poverty Law Center activist before being elected to the SOS post, did nothing to secure election integrity heading into the midterms.

“As the recount process started, the personnel acknowledged that it was important to confirm that all the ballots that were counted were from the precincts that they were supposed to be from. However, as part of the process, they would not allow anyone in several of the counties to look at the front of the ballots to confirm, indeed, that the votes that were being counted on the ballot of the ballots were from the correct precincts by viewing the front of the ballot,” Speckin said.

“As part of the recount process, the bag or box was initially inspected to confirm no tampering or faulty seals or zippers existed on the bag. If a faulty seal or zipper or seam was broken on the bag, no counting of the ballots was done at all,” he continued.

“Similarly, if the number of ballots in the bag did not match the tally from election night, no count was performed as well to determine if the votes were even close to the totals reported from election night… No analysis was done whatsoever of the actual votes in that bag to determine if it was remotely close or completely different than reported on election night,” Speckin added.

The Election Integrity Force video analyzing the findings from the recount can be seen here:

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