Michigan Congresswoman Introduces New Gun Grab

On February 21, 2023, Michigan Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin introduced the Safe Guns, Safe Kids Act, a bill mandating safe and proper storage of firearms in households to prevent children and other individuals from illegally getting their hands on these weapons. 

Slotkin’s office noted that this bill was initially introduced following the mass shooting at Oxford High School in November 2021 that resulted in the deaths of four people. The bill was passed in the United House in 2022. 

In the press release, the office highlighted that Slotkin will additionally co-sponsor the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2023 and the Assault Weapons Ban of 2023.

Slotkin held a virtual town hall on February 22 with State Senator Rosemary Bayer. The Congresswoman discussed the mass shooting at Michigan State University that occurred on February 13 and resulted in the deaths of 4 individuals, which included the gunman himself. 

“In less than 15 months, two different communities that I represent have been torn apart by gun violence. Students, teachers, and families in Oxford and now East Lansing have been devastated and traumatized by these horrific tragedies, but even with gun violence as the leading cause of death for American children, too many of our elected officials are out of touch and refuse to take the basic steps we need to keep our kids safe,” Slotkin stated. “For me, the most haunting image last week was of a Michigan State student behind the police line on the night of the shooting wearing an ‘Oxford Strong’ sweatshirt to honor the shooting at Oxford High School. Right now, our kids are the ones paying the price for our inaction – and it simply cannot continue. All of the measures I’m announcing today have overwhelming, bipartisan support in Michigan, including from the countless gun owners I’ve heard from in recent days who are now demanding better gun safety laws – and our elected leaders are the last ones to get the memo. Michigan’s kids and families deserve to live without the constant fear of gun violence, and I’ll continue to fight for these measures as long as it takes until we have law on the books to save lives and keep our communities safe.”

Safe storage laws are the latest policy fad that Gun Control Inc. is promoting. Despite the hype surrounding those laws as a viable measure to stop crime, economist John Lott has discovered that they’re not very effective. 

In a study he published at Journal of Law and Economics, Lott revealed that over 300 more murders and nearly 4,000 additional rapes took place annually in the states that implemented mandatory firearms storage laws. In effect, these laws make it more difficult for people to defend themselves in tense situations where every second counts. 

Responsible gun owners already keep their firearms away from their children. If policymakers were serious about promoting safety, they would support deregulation measures that would allow for more lawful people to exercise their right to bear arms. 

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